What are BunnyBales?
BunnyBales are compact bales of very high grade hays designed
especially for Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and many other
small herbivores.  
BunnyBales compress and bind the hay to
minimize shatter and preserve the nutritional value of the
product.   That means there is very little waste, less mess,
and no loss of nutrition.   The 6 pound BunnyBales are easy
to handle and store, they will make caring for your small animals
easier than ever.  For More Information

Why BunnyBales?
The first hay baling machines were developed in America in the early
1800s as a packaging tool for the railroads. Until that time most hay
was shipped loose in boxcars and loose hay is awkward to handle
and makes poor use of the limited space in a railroad car. Even more
significantly, loose hay doesn't travel well. Railroad managers found
that during travel, loose hay suffered from leaf and stem shatter,
and it crumbled and settled to the bottom of the car where it had to
be swept out at the end of each trip. That meant a loss of product.  
Baled hay, on the other hand, was easy to handle, left little residue,
and in it's compressed state, was a more efficient and therefore a
more suitable way to ship.
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